Innovating energy materials design through atomic scale simulations.

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The central aim of my research is to discover the degradation mechanisms of materials used in energy applications, to aid the design of new materials with improved resilience to degradation processes.

I have largely focussed on nuclear materials as these are subject to the most extreme conditions and therefore pose the greatest challenge, but I continually transfer the knowledge to solar cells, solid electrolyte fuel cells, electrochemical capacitor and batteries




SEMINAR – From Scientist to Government Adviser

Prof Robin Grimes, FRS, is coming to UNSW to talk about his experience as Chief Scientific Adviser for the UK’s foreign office, and how science can be used in and for diplomacy. This will be followed by a conversation with Prof. Les Fields, former Senior DVC at UNSW, and Q&A.

Details and free registration here


  • Atomic scale simulations for batteries and solar cells

  • Accelerating materials design for fusion and extreme environments

  • Hydrogen storage materials: bridging the gab between simulations and experiments

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